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In this day and age, all modern Australian seem to want to be 'Eco-Friendly'. We understand that it is important to look after future generations and the world we leave to them but it is strange to think that not so long ago all residential building was green. During medieval times people lived in houses made of mud and straw and even today nomadic Mongolians take their home with them on horseback when they want to move. It was the Industrial Revolution that made it easy for builders to get hold of non-green materials like such as iron and steel from distant countries by boat and train. Moving forward to today we have realised that there is a cost to doing this and that is global warming.

Nowadays, more and more home owners and buyers are demanding eco friendly homes, and developers are looking for increasingly sustainable ways to provide them. Modern advances in green building technologies are making carbon-neutral homes a reality and consequently saving the planet and saving home owners money in utility bills.

Each new build home we create or home improvement that we make adds to our impressive portfolio, and serves as a testament to the ideals of quality and attention to detail we adhere to.

Green building solutions can include.

  • Grey water systems and reusing rainwater
  • Solar hot water
  • Energy efficient windows and double glazing which help to keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • Ground-sourced heat pumps and solar heated pools
  • Better Insulation
  • Solar power
  • Green, sustainable building materials
  • Energy efficient air conditioners
  • Energy efficient lighting
  • Green appliances

At Xclusive Construction we understand the needs of the modern buyer and we have a vast amount of experience installing green and eco-friendly systems for our customers. If you are interested in building an eco-friendly home, we only use the very latest technology and tried and tested techniques of building to build the very best homes in Canberra.

To begin your dream project, call Xclusive Construction on 0419 195 358 or fill in our contact form.

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